Blessings of the day

March 27th, 2015

So many blessings, so easily forgotten, or unnoticed.
1). My daily bread.
fresh bread
2). My friend S— who gave me a copy of the book on artisan breads.
3). My many friends who touch my daily life. A few? C— the walking buddy, D— who gets me to BSF. That’s just so far today.
4). My Heavenly Father, the triune God of my fathers.
5). The commenters on Gagdad’s blog who point out some sights on the road. Currently
6). This book

And I’ve fought posting from an iPad long enough. I’ll go taste the daily bread, insert the photo, and do some quilting, shopping, and baking for bridge tonight.

High Water

March 25th, 2015

Da Bob is singing my song today. Inspiration (the inbreathing of the spirit or breath of God?) and Creativity. Bob’s dancing in one of my “experienced” God moments.

No great creative here, but just as I feel the positive forces around me when I get out and exercise these old limbs, I have the same sort of experience of making quilt blocks, cleaning out bins of fabric scraps, trying to find a photo and maybe editing it a bit… nothing too creative, but always an attempt to capture the Spirit that blows past. A friend gave me the book on making Artisan bread in five minutes a day. I’m loving it! I’d take a picture and show you my mini loaf of du jour, but alas it’s cooled, I was hungry, and the inner big bad wolf took over. Eye candy, but it works internally as well! Anyway, I’m taking daily bread to a whole new level!

And in the ebb and flow of the seasons, the calendar turned to spring, and so did the weather. Rain and higher temps. Rain and more rain. One flood warning gets past and the rains come again.

High Water

Pre spring on the swamp. Went over to Crawford’s landing to walk the other day, and the water is about as high as I’ve ever seen it. I’m wondering if the guys at the Corps of Engineers are getting antsy about opening flood gates on the Mississippi. It’s high too.

And so is the creative flow through my little existence. I’m reading more, and loving it. Wanting to write, join a photography club and learn more, but…. alas, I overextend easily. So.. off to fix the passenger side rear view mirror. Door jamb on the garage jumped out and hit it HARD. TWICE! Needed body work. It’s been done for a while, better go get the piece and snap it back on.

Looks to be a good day. Go read Gagdad.

My Idol

March 23rd, 2015

March Blueberries

I started the morning working on bread baking and catching up on my Bible study. Not caught up yet, but I’m going to get pretty close. Moses had the men who had taken foreign wives and started worshiping Baal hung. Aaron’s grandson chased some down and ran them through. Sin is to be taken seriously!

The photo was taken as I was about to head out into a “passtime” which can overcome it’s proper bounds and become a serious idol in my life. I’m doing better at keeping it in proportion, but perhaps it needs to be run through and run out of my life. Do I love my bridge game so much that I cannot use it to witness? I’d hoped to be a “kinder, gentler” player and did pretty well at that. But actual witness, I may never do. “Serve the Lord, and when necessary use words.” Will I ever see a necessity? Meanwhile I’ve got to whack a passtime back, prune its piece of my days and ways.

The bread will be out in 20 minutes and I will need to have my walking shoes on and be ready to roll. Carolyn is too patient with me and the ways I can procrastinate. Need to call the vet as well. Tootie may have an abcess that needs to be dealt with. In any case she needs some shots. Into the day. Grab yourself some of the blessings herein.

A bit more than 24 hours at home

March 20th, 2015

And I’m finding my bearings.

swamp in japanese asthetic

And I’m listening to Camile Paglia

Glad to be home. Balance is hard to find.

Into the quarter finals!

March 13th, 2015

At the nationals. One event started. We won the first round of a knockout event. Ie, single elimination tournament. Sixteen teams in our bracket, and now down to eight. Now to try and do right for another 24 hands. Good luck to us.

We won again tonight. Tomorrow it’s two head to head semi final matches. The fun continues.


March 12th, 2015

More fun with geese

Don’t know that I’d heard geese honk and hiss as they did with Toots barking as they recovered the wet bread crumbs the Mistress Sadie tossed.

I’m off to NO first run today. The American Contract Bridge League is holding the spring national tournament in New Orleans. I’m trying not to concentrate on the “expensive,” and more on the fun.

I’ll bunk at my daughter’s which cuts down on convenience some, but it makes a big dent in expenses. And the girls get to baby sit Tootie.

Spoke to Tania today. She’s geared up to go into nervous prostration as we did for residency match day with her sister. And what’s the cause of the nerves? The lottery for the first preference for a charter school for kindergarten! Mistress Miranda will be in school, somewhere. And siblings get preference, so it’s got a double jeopardy feel to it. But for kindergarten, we go into major apoplexy? Easier for me to say. Not my kids. For the record I did backflips getting Tania educated when we had some cash to try and do well by her. And in the grand inequality picture, her younger sisters did not get near as much worry. Somehow they survived. So I’m guessing Miranda will do fine wherever, and Sadie will do fine going where ever her sister lights.

Spring day in the park

March 10th, 2015

walking geese

Sadie knew exactly how she wanted to spend the time with Grandma while Miranda took her dance class. She wanted to feed the ducks. I wanted a camera because city park was feeding the photographic muse. Turned out the camera wasn’t in the city with me. Phone cameras now are quite good!

We broke up the heel on a loaf of bread at her house and hurried back to the park. She was delighted to feed the ducks. Or geese, which were more plentiful where we were. When the bread was exhausted, and the doggy’s continued interest in goose harassment was evident, the geese went around behind us and took a stroll!

One last tidbit from the visit to the girls… every Friday they have to clean out their cubby with nap blankets and so forth. I was delighted to see the wonderful blanket their great aunts Nita and Ina May made. It was in Sadie’s cubby.

I’m down for the evening now…. will be reading notes on Numbers 20. Thought provoking the different ways people in our group read and understand. Someone stated that Moses had sinned every day. The contrary view was put forth. I only note this because people don’t often comment on what someone else has said. I’d like to see more of that. So did Moses sin every day as we humans are wont?

Oh! Bananas

March 9th, 2015

It was the monthly team game, and I’d agreed to help a playing director to keep the game moving.  I’m not wired to gear myself up to play and direct.  This is my conclusion anyway.  And little help was needed.  So as the game wound down, and scores were tallied, I found myself digging through the trash in hopes of finding my keys.  Abe helped.  Then I scurried all over the club trying to find every spot I’d been, and no luck.  Ellen and Louise and Jan and Carmela and Carolyn helped. Finally, I walked to the end of the long gravel drive and put the trash bags out for pickup.  Hoped it would help me calm and recall.  I *was* calmer.

No recall that aided finding the keys.  So we concluded I’d set them down somewhere and someone picked them up by mistake.  Carolyn who lives near my house had stayed, and so they took me home…

Or they got us about half a mile away from the clubhouse, and BANANAS!  I’d bought a bag of bananas.  I brought them into the bridge game, and put my keys in them so I’d remember to bring them home.  Fortunately, the friend I was riding with is the club manager this year, and she had keys to the now locked up clubhouse.  Back we went, and I found the keys right where someone had put the bananas for me.

The frame makes a big difference.  I spent the night worrying about needlessly involving a lot of people in my key drama.  But while taking my friend to the car dealership for some service this morning, she had a different view.  “Think of all the friends and people who are willing to help and get not leave you in the lurch.”  Yes, the way you think about and event really does color your world.  I’ll take yellow!   Like bananas.  And sunshine.  And I did get my bananas home with me.

Twenty four hours of child care…

March 7th, 2015

I love the little girls, love them with all my heart. But goodness sakes, my activity monitor went off the chart this 24 hour period. The predictable result is that I got cranky by the 23rd hour and some little behinds got popped. They were tired and not settling down… as both my dog and I do… up down round and round, and finally go to sleep. But we’re both OLD, so it doesn’t take long!

Home and glad. Trying to figure out how I’m going to eat and commute to the Marriott next week without incurring ridiculous amounts of expense, and calories. These problems will have to be worked to some acceptable attempt at a solution before I head in to play in a bridge tournament. It’s too big to skip when it’s this close to home, but I’m too broke for this entertainment any more. So this is the last. I’ll drop to a once weekly live bridge game, and once a month team game. I’ll write and quilt, neither of which makes any income, but they are both soul satisfying when done well. For the record, I quilt much better than I write!!

If I’m to unleash my inner Grandma Moses, I’d better get after it…. doing something that I do reasonably well and enjoy. I enjoy teaching, but mathematics is used as a club instead of a mental muscle builder, and I long since quit enjoying that. So what to teach? There’s nothing I know nearly as well as my “maths.” Sunday School?? Quilting? Did a class with a friend on memoir writing. I bash myself mercilessly for the failures, though some of it went well.

For now, for tonight, I’m setting my watch up for Daylight Savings Time, going to go circle the bed a few times and grab a book to read. G’Night!

Spring Sprung?

March 5th, 2015


Tulip Trees

I watched abundances of these bloom as spring occurred in Chalmette, where I commuted to work, a bit before it hit north of the lake. They’ve started shouting about spring here now. Took a phone pic while walking yesterday.

As for me now, I feel like the Israelite nation standing outside the Promised Land ready to whine that it’s not going to fall into my outstretched arms. The temperature started dropping about sunup, and it’s due to drop 40 to 50 degrees today.

Nonetheless, I’ll go play bridge today with a partner I have lined up for the coming National Tournament Event in New Orleans this month. I’ve promised this is the last. Enough.

This evening the quilt bee meets here, and I’ve baked cookies this morning, and did some heavy cleaning yesterday.

Let the day begin!