Out on the where the swamp turns to marsh

June 29th, 2015


Walking into the Light

What will it be passing from this world to the next?
May I place an order? For the visual effects, this will do quite nicely.
Bachground music please.
SS class last Sunday was on the waters of creation. I enjoyed teaching the class. God said let there be… and it was GOOD!

Humanity was given dominion over creation, which they’re defining down to stewardship, but that works for me. I’m not a tree hugger, but how can we trash what is so beautiful, so GOOD.

And the wage slaves have to work hard to not fall captive to busy. The seventh day of creation is to be honored. Stop. Listen. Let your creatiive nature, a godly gift, shine forth. Dream.

These last couple evenings have been relatively cool… 89 degrees and 98 percent humidity, but I’ve been wanting to get out into the magic evening light and see what this cool jewel of a camera can do.

So far I’m impressed enough to not regret paying for it.

Twelve photos I saved into iPhoto from this evening. I have spares for days ahead.

Come to the Waters?

June 22nd, 2015


I started working on a SS lesson on baptism, and thought I’d find a photo of water to include. Not exactly a baptismal font there, but it’s the best of the evening.

I’m trying to channel my 12 year old self and recall what I thought about being baptized. None of my children were baptized because I didn’t feel like it was an adult choice. I was more worried about messing up somehow in front of the church. Guess that’s more than enough about my moment in front of the church!

Do you remember your baptism? Or confirmation? Was it meaningful to you?

How quickly they grow!

June 18th, 2015

The camera has made me rejoin the world in some sense. I had forgotten how much I enjoy having that window on the world, trying to make the photo better, puttering around the edges with a good camera!

Last night as I was playing bridge online, I was watching the activity at the nest outside my window. One of the baby birds flew out of the blueberry bush. I went out and watched for a bit. I hope it made the adjustment to life without a nest. But there were two more birds. This morning I watched the activity as and tried to get more photos. Another little bird is flirting with the idea of flying away. No more down on the head, and it hops around all over the blueberry bush. Very awkward little thing, but so far it’s stayed in the bush. But I’ll watch the bird outside the nest, and the parent swoop in and feed one IN the nest. So there’s MORE!


I thought it mildly amusing when my parents watched some wild rabbits settle into their yard and make themselves at home. They watched and commented on rabbit doings, and had a good time. This is part of the joy of retirement? It works for me! I’m not missing the time as a wage slave, though I might like the wages. Slack time and lots of it… works for me!

The nest outside my window

June 15th, 2015

mad mocker

Hey you! Get away from here with your camera! Mom’s coming in and YOU are making her very skittish. Don’t you know it’s hungry out here?

mad mocker

There are two little mocking birds in the nest. One seems to pop his little head up fastest. For a while I thought we’d lost the other little one. The parents do not like us harvesting blueberries. Not at all! Photography is not to be tolerated either.

Old Photo

June 11th, 2015

Ok, those of you who really know your flora… whazit?

Lastish photos on the old Nikon

This was blooming in the Barataria Swamp when we took a hike in February.

Another quilt story

June 6th, 2015

Today I heard a story that needs sharing. A woman lost her husband, and a friend asked her to gather shirts from sports events, golfing and festivals and other fabric memories. So the memory quilt was made, and when it was delivered, the widow shook the quilt out and a piece of paper fluttered out of a pocket from a shirt, now part of the quilt. She opened it up and it was a note to her from her husband.

Anyway, the goosebump effect hit me pretty hard when I heard that one. If such a thing happened to me it would be a dry cleaning ticket that found its way home.

This is no memory quilt in that sense, though hopefully it will be a great memory. Kate is getting married in October, and the colors of the wedding are blues and greens, so I found a lot of scraps that pulled together some of those colors, found an easy pattern, and now the quilt is ready to be put together and quilted. Meanwhile my niece Molly graduated from HS, and she will get a similar gift.


And the good Lord gave me a pretty good gift. Now I’ll be working once a week through the next school year leading discussion in Bible Study Fellowship. I’m nervous and excited about it. May be old, but perhaps I can still be useful in something!

We’ve got camera

June 3rd, 2015

And we’ve got unwilling models.
And why fi? What wi fi?

The lenses work,
The adjustments are close to where I think they ought to be
from years of using a similar camera.

So two snaps today, while trying to RTFM,
and still can’t get the wifi to work….

When I can, I can set the camera on my bird feeder and operate it remotely.
Just not today.

Dog portrait

Lotsa pixels? Here

Perhaps tomorrow a camera

June 2nd, 2015

In the archive, this set of collected images from 2002, my photo album in an electronic format, includes this photo.

Up in thin air
In Thin Air

This was the first trip to the Rockies when I found I couldn’t keep enough blood pressure to do much but feel sick at high altitudes. I’ve got to go up those mountains a lot more slowly in my old age. But Merciful Heavens, I so love the scenery.

So I’m going to make the discipline of taking at least one photo each day, and finding the best of each month and printing it for …. gifting? Hanging on my overcrowded walls? Oh well. If you’re going to buy a camera that can print a gorgeous 8 x 10, you need to print some of them. I did so the first few years that I owned the D70.

As for today, I met some bridge friends at the church to show them the fellowship hall. Appears that our board is going to let the commercially leased space go, and use the church’s fellowship hall. Now I’ll get to hear complaints about the church from the bridge players, and vice versa! But it may all work well. I can be a grown up and not expect everyone to be pleased.

The vet took a chunk of my allegedly discretionary spending, but now maybe the Tooter can quit trying to eat her own skin away. More prednisone. And the quilt center for Molly’s HS graduation is down to 48 pieces from 6 times that many…. 288? Tomorrow I’ll go get some batting and get the quilt for Kate pinned together, and the binding on the Breath of God. Quilters lead exciting lives!

Off to stick my nose again into MOTT (Meditations on the Tarot… More of the Devil tonight.)

Not there yet

June 1st, 2015

The story of a quilt.

I took a class. Bubbles.
I didn’t care about bubbles.
I did my own thing with the blocks


The quilt center hung on my wall.
And hung. What is it?
RED! It’s the color of the Holy Spirit.

It’s the Breath of God.
I remember feeling the Spirit.
Awed… I was awed. But I was afraid as well.

Quick build a wall.


Fence it in. Box it up.
But God laughs.
The Wind still blows,
The water still flows.


Just a wee bit more and it is done.

Where do the babies go?

May 27th, 2015

nope, not yet

Since I’ve no good camera anymore, I’m recycling old photos. This from 2002 was at a crawfish boil for Tara’s birthday. We bought her the Peewee Herman bicycle which she got a good bit of use out of. But the baby boy was drawn to the wheel and the tools. Some irresistable attraction. That baby boy’s voice has changed and he’s shot up taller than I am.

So where do the babies go? We love them so unreservedly. We hope great things from them. But some seemed doomed to go astray. I’m thinking of how I had the intuitive flash about God’s love of Israel, though they continually took up with foreign gods, and idols, He always loved them. It was that unconditional maternal love. Yes there was punishment, but there was restoration shortly after they sought His intervention. He always brought them back to the Holy Land.

I’ve spoken to SS today. I still need to call the Honduran consulate and see if they can help me find my marriage license. But some of the back up material may help if the consulate is not going to get far enough into the way back machine to retrieve my documentation. I spent a good deal of time on the phone with tech support to get this up and running again. And A dear friend who is moving (into assisted living in another state) gave me a love seat recliner. The delivery was quite a show! It wouldn’t go on the porch because the porch is too small. So I’m on the phone with the SS administration and the heavy loveseat is being manhandled into my house. Now I can read in the lap of luxury with my dog beside me. And I’ll have Medicare pt A by the time I’m 65. And a bill to go with it. Somehow I suspect the bill is one of those that will go every upward. (Some see the donut, others the hole?)

I’ll be doing grand girl care Monday. I need a good plan for that day. I’m thinking some sort of a picnic at the beach…. That should wear us all out!