Spring Sprung?

March 5th, 2015


Tulip Trees

I watched abundances of these bloom as spring occurred in Chalmette, where I commuted to work, a bit before it hit north of the lake. They’ve started shouting about spring here now. Took a phone pic while walking yesterday.

As for me now, I feel like the Israelite nation standing outside the Promised Land ready to whine that it’s not going to fall into my outstretched arms. The temperature started dropping about sunup, and it’s due to drop 40 to 50 degrees today.

Nonetheless, I’ll go play bridge today with a partner I have lined up for the coming National Tournament Event in New Orleans this month. I’ve promised this is the last. Enough.

This evening the quilt bee meets here, and I’ve baked cookies this morning, and did some heavy cleaning yesterday.

Let the day begin!

Ms Sadie Pixiedust

March 4th, 2015


From the family swamp time after Mardi Gras.

I got a note from Tania, the oldest daughter, that Sadiebug has been wanting a Tinkerbell birthday party for her three year celebration. I will have to miss the party, but she makes us all smile. She, as a second child was a little slow to start talking, but once she started talking, she now has a LOT to say! I read through a Tinkerbell story with her fairly recently. Her favorite book!

Got ‘er done

March 3rd, 2015

There must be a better way, but I believe I’ve found one solution to the problems of blogging on older equipment with out of date software!


One major issue here. It doesn’t work. I was dreaming last night of being lost and disoriented. This sort of morning could be a trigger? Ok, one more time… got ‘er done. Running late for next appointed activity. But I’ll get there.

Another month

March 2nd, 2015

And I cannot figure how to use the ftp (file transfer protocol) to create a file on the remote server. I did it a couple months ago, I have a photo I’d like to share and no clue how I created the directory when I did it. There is something to be said for being organized and taking copious notes. I with much false pride think I’ll be able to figure it out when the time comes. The time is now and the figuring is not done. Perhaps it’ll come to me in my sleep. Such things have happened before. Why not now?!

More from the ‘way back’ machine

February 28th, 2015

Here is my mother writing about her father’s family.

Sarah (Mother’s grandfather’s first wife, many years deceased by the time my Mother entered this world) died of “Inflammation of the Bowels,” the common name for appendicitis in 1887, and Nathan found himself a widower with five children, including a three month old baby girl.  The following year he met and married Agnes Jones Roberts, twelve years his junior.  They started married life with seven children, however Nathan’s two very young daughters continued to live with their maternal grandparents, where they had been left upon their mother’s death, so actually there were only five children in the home.

Now from my grandfather, my mother’s father’s autobiography,

“Between the years 1889 and 1906, more than half the State of Oklahoma was colonized by eleven “land openings,” of which four were “land runs.”  The first of these “runs” was begun by a signal at noon on April 22, 1889 for claims of 160 acres each (1/4 section) in a large tract of choice, formerly “unassigned” land in the middle of the state.  Nathan and Agnes participated in this “Run of ‘89″ with the assistance of George Leniton.

By the rules applicable to the run, one man on a fast horse could locate several claims, one for himself and one for each of several friends.  If my (Ray) memory or information gained from conversations among the older members of the family during my childhood is correct, George Leniton on a good horse “staked out” four claims, one for himself, one for father and two for others.  Father paid George $25.00 for his services…Father and Mother followed in the covered wagon.  (note from my mother:  None of Daddy’s half siblings made the run.)

Food supplies that the folks brought with them at the time of the run were of the staple variety: bacon, dried beans, wheat flour, corn meal (ground in the grist mill that Nathan’s father, Albert, built on Spring Creek), coffee, sugar, etc.  Special mention shoudl be made of enough sun-dried apples for the orchard on Albert’s farm to fill a 100 lb. flour sack.

Additional supplies included seed grain, (corn, wheat, kafir) and all kinds of seeds for garden vegetables.  A medicine chest containing Epsom salt, tincture of Arnica (a liniment for sprains and bruises) and Blackberry Balsam, used as an astringent in chases of diarrhea was the homesteader’s substitute for the modern corner drug store.”

Swamp Colors

February 26th, 2015

pink lichens

Swamps are just forests in wetlands. So what forests remain in southern Louisiana are swamps. There is a nice swamp area near my house that I’d like to spend more time exploring. It’s kinda of a shame to live here and not have a boat of some sort. But for me it would just be another habit to spend money on. It’s not real flush with cash in these parts. So I loved the day with the kids on the swamps south of New Orleans.

I was looking at a lot of the slides of my father, and he too took lots of pictures of flora. It is a constant reminder to me of the abundance of creation, and the new things to see, old things in new seasons, interactions of plants, and whatever catches my eye. They’re not a visual history of people which is a more normal interest. It is my interest.

That’s today’s postcard. Just a picture of some pink lichens or what looks like lichens to me. A moss and a fungus living together as a unit… a strange marriage!

MIM and Mimi; MIM or Mom?

February 25th, 2015

Five years ago, the earth was fresh and new for MIM (Miranda Inez Mulligan.) She looks very secure in the arms of her aunt Mimi (Marianne.)

This baby makes me almost positive there is reincarnation. I believe she is my mother in a new skin. She’s so like my mother in disposition. She needs to be in control of as much as posible at all times, and gets nervous easily, but is learning some of the same coping strategies my mother did. For now she prefers to put herself in time out, but she can get very difficult. So, is she MIM or mom? If she’s mom, I can only pray that she is not thwarted to deny her passion. Mother’s desire was to be a dress designer. She loved designing clothes, drawing up patterns, and finding fabrics to work with. But her father insisted she study a science, and she did. This during WWII, and the dress design was put aside as frivolous.

MIM shows a lot of fashion sense already at nearly 5, and puts together her own clothes. Loves to spend time in artsy craftsy stuff. She’s the girl in the boots in yesterday’s photo. I guess we’ll deal with her, love her, without putting some of the baggage of another life on her, but it all just fits! And just perfect that she was born to Tania. Mother was so enamored with the young Tania. They had a great bond.


Complain, Complain

February 24th, 2015

Today was BSF day, Bible Study Fellowship. We’re getting to the end of the Moses study. But today, besides the chilling reminder that sin has consequences, I was reminded of something much less consequential.

Judy, my cousin, one year my junior was a spunky little tyke, and me and my princess self didn’t really want to go upstairs and play with Judy. Judy may have hit me or threatened to, or I may have been making up excuses, but every time I went downstairs to hang with Mother, Nita and Grandma B, they’d tell me to go upstairs and play with Judy. “But Judy will hit me!” And up I’d go reluctantly, and Judy would hit me. Or, “Judy will scratch me.” And she did…. Mother tried to tell me I was just telling Judy how to torment me.

So, when the Israelites complained and rebelled at the task of taking the Promised Land, in their disobedience, they whined that the people on the land would just run them off, and should just head back to Egypt or they’d die in the wilderness. So after Moses interceded for them, God sent them out to wander the wilderness for 40 years, to have all the folks who left Egypt die in the wilderness. Sometimes we get what we ask for! The story of the scouting of the promised land and the complaints and disobedience so paints of picture of humanity. I can get exactly what I need, and won’t trust the gift, and will send it back, unopened, as it were. (Numbers 13 and 14 for a good story.)

Complain and whine? I can do some complaining. Mother died about 8 years ago yesterday. She spent most of the last three years of her life suffering skin allergies, repeated recurring painful attacks of shingles, and just aggravation. Through it all she kept writing, but she’d call me every week on Saturday, and catalog her woes. I’ve been acting like I therefore had the right to allow myself to whine like the best of them. Trouble is, I really have nothing to whine about yet! What a stupid way to act. Just because Mother was miserable, I don’t have to be. And I certainly don’t have to complain even when I am!

Kids watching tadpoles. (Taddypoles, as they called them.)

I Believe

February 23rd, 2015

I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth,…

Bob Agard in Bob’s Blog says, “Commit to articulating your point of view on one relevant issue, one news story, one personal (he said personnel) issue.” So let’s see if I can comment on something I believe in.

I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth,

I believe that Moses had a pretty direct line, and shared the meat of his communication with the Almighty, known to Moses and the Israelites as “I AM”, in the first five books of the Bible. Moses, through millennia of editing, says God created the earth, and I’m ok with that. Does that make me a literalist, with issues about evolution, creation in seven days and such? Well, no not really.

Science is about working out how the of creation. That is how the Creator did it. Scientists rarely put it in quite those terms, and scientism never. The Bible is more about explaining the why, and the relationship of humanity, at the top of the food chain of life, relates to God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth. But in the end it’s a faith issue, not a logic issue. If you’ve experienced the breath of God, the Holy Spirit, and seen the movement in your life, it becomes much more difficult to drown out the basics with all the questions of, but how? how long? from a common ancestor of the humans and the apes?

As for me, I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth…. And I’ll follow with a photo.

Is the swamp squashed and standing sideways?   Drat.   Still haven’t figured out why I put a perfectly good picture in portrait view into this softward, and on my old apple it looks sideways.  Last I checked not on the ipad, however.  So I’ll leave it be for now.

Missed a day

February 21st, 2015

….or as I saw somewhere… mist a day… that’a a Northwest phenomenon, I presume.   Focusing on my failures is not the way to go ever, though it is my fall back.

Busy day yesterday.  Off to the swamp with the family and Veda.  Photos flew afterword in Messenger of the kids in the swamp.  The kids were saying yesterday that my photos disappear into a black hole, and I did take the good camera.  But thought I’d try to do the sync thing, and take a photo from the phone for the blog.


I won’t even begin to try to go through the machinations I used to get here. And here the photo is displayed sideward. Ended up with only the photo of Sadie’s (35 mos) decoration of the go box. We ended the swamp tour with lunch at MoPho, a new to me dinner in NO. Then home to direct a bridge game. Much slower today. Much!