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I don’t know whether those of you who eschew FOX or any righty tighty news sources are aware of what’s going on just south of me. Venezuela is about to install missiles for Iran. The world is lining up for a new missile crises a la Cuba. Tigerhawk earlier this week had a good comment on it.

Mettle will be tested. We will soon learn whether Barack Obama is indeed the heir to John F. Kennedy:

With BHO backing out of the presidency’s duties and obligations, the world is about to get even scarier. I hate thinking about it.

Then there is Jeff Jarvis who is on his horse of valuing the internet. We’d better act to protect it. After Wiki leaks, I suspect the “command and control” mentality of the Bureaucratic Politboro will shut us down, or at minimum act to curtail the open access we have. Will the judiciary save us from the combined legislative and executive branches? Also scary stuff. Jeff Jarvis on some things we’ve lost and gained from the i-net is funnier than I.

And Shrinkwrapped continues his series on pathologies in societies. I’m loving his series.

Time for me to head to the caroling with Youth Group.

BUT first… a photo from the environs of Heraklion, Crete.

Of course there is a kaliedoscope.

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  1. linda flaherty Says:

    I am somewhat following Venezuela, while trying to follow Korea, and my little head is not sufficient most days to take it all in. I do remember Cuban crisis ala JKF, and I think enough time has passed that maybe some research will document the roll of RFK throughout the embargo. All that I have read leads me to believe he was truly the calm power directing, not John. In accessing some data for Quinn’s China project, data came up real easy, but so did viruses and worms everywhere. Took me a week to clean it out, and some is probably still there. I think if we believe the internet is controlled by those who are contributing to it, we are fools and deserve to worry a bit about Big Brother’s thumb. Pretty sure that’s been on the internet pulse before there was much of an internet. If J. Edgar were here, we would all have files again for our comments. I love what you did with the quilt pieces. Beautiful together, but would have crossed my eyes working on one at a time and trying to see the whole picture. So, what goes in the middle?

  2. swiftone Says:

    INternet 101.. if you want to leave a comment, save it before hitting send. That’s when they get lost. AAARgh. I’d responded to your lengthy comment, at more length, and lost the whole thing! Truth to tell I didn’t say much, so I won’t reconstruct it. (1) The middle is darkish, I don’t have much control there. (2) Cuban Missile crisis… I will watch for any other info (3) i-net control, I know so little that it’s another test of my foundational beliefs, not knowledge.

  3. linda flaherty Says:

    CMC 101….Russia wanted arm Cuba with long range things. We said no. Castro said yes. We placed an embargo around Cuba, nothing could come in or out by sea or air. Russia growled, we practiced duck and cover again. After about 3 days, Russia backed off and we lifted the embargo.

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