Blogpost on the run. G’night.

Kind of a slow news day. Obama has played the birth certificate card. Can we now all agree that anyone who claims Obama is not American wears a fruitcake badge.

However here’s the best explanation I’ve seen for what took so long.

The mystery has always been, why was Obama so reluctant to release his long-form birth certificate? There have been two possible explanations: 1) the birth certificate contains some embarrassing information that Obama would prefer not to make public; or 2) he thought the “birther” controversy was hurting Republicans, and therefore wanted to keep it going.

Wafa Sultan comes out swinging again. God bless her!

Have we allowed the presidency to approach kingship? It was getting there a long time ago. Bush and Obama have kicked it up yet another notch.

Thanks ever so much for the lovely comments… that sometimes you do look in and not comment, Linda, Gail, Sara… I was comment fishing, I admit it. I needed a reminder of why I do this.


Back to the “Chinies” restaurant…

I tried to learn how to make and use a watermark on my photos today. No go yet.

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  1. deb Says:

    Sorry I didn’t look in yesterday when this comment would be more appropriate. I, too, check your blog every day and am also disappointed when no new material and picture are posted. When it goes on for several days I am about to e-mail you directly thinking that perhaps you are sick or something and just not up to really exercising your brain on any particular subject. Then, to my surprise there is a new post. I don’t always comment because I just don’t know quite what to say until I have cogitated on it a bit and by then it is another day and another blog post.

    Chinies on the beach looks delightful. What a charming place to wait out the rain. Hopefully the food was good. I expect, since you were “starving” the food was wonderful even if at any other time is was just OK.

    Keep blogging we’re here my friend even if silent.

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