ail’s maybe moved now. My photos are now a bit more accessible for me. Today, I’m sharing some photos. I have a photo of Miranda from a couple weeks ago. She’s sharing a book that a friend made for her.

It was bothering me that I couldn’t figure out where or how I’d lost photos from a year ago. I know I was worrying a lot about photographing a wedding, but I felt I’d lost a lot of shots. Not good shots mind you but a lot of them. So at last I found them! ON THE CAMERA still. Not the brightest bulb here. Late June a year ago, Tania went to AK to gather research material for television. She left me with Bartley and Miranda. I love the view out their kitchen door. Evening sun makes New Orleans shimmer like a mirage.

First thing I let Miranda walk a bit too independently and she fell down the steps and had a nasty bobo. (Long o’s if you’re not New Orleanian.) That girl can hold a grudge!

The next two will save for later. They’re in Slidell.

Read this article with interest this morning. Those of us who are opposed to the ACA need to try to explain why. This would not be my main reason, but an example.

In a move that could significantly expand insurance coverage of weight-loss treatments, a federal health advisory panel on Monday recommended that all obese adults receive intensive counseling in an effort to rein in a growing health crisis in America.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force urged doctors to identify patients with a body mass index of 30 or more — currently 1 in 3 Americans — and either provide counseling themselves or refer the patient to a program designed to promote weight loss and improve health prospects.

Ummm….shouldn’t I seek counseling or put myself into a program for fatty boombalatties? This is NOT the business of the government. But they’re going to make it their business.

Further down…

If a diet requires that you semi-starve yourself, it will fail, because (1) your body adjusts to the caloric deficit by expending less energy, (2) you get hungry and stay hungry, and (3), a product of both of these, you get depressed, irritable, and chronically tired. Eventually you go back to eating what you always did—or become a binge eater—because you can’t abide semi-starvation and its side effects indefinitely. -Taubes, Gary (2010). Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It (p. 209). Random House, Inc.

My experience bears this out. I am doing as little as possible on my starvaton diet. And I am getting depressed, I am less irritable than I was in the first three weeks, but still it’s ok I’m by myself mostly.

AND, I know why the Isrealites whined to Moses and God about the manna in the wilderness. After the first 10 years or so the novelty wears off! I’m in for a month, and I may never eat potato soup again. Three months to go… or maybe only 10 weeks. Semistarvation ain’t no picnic. I hate blogging because I just end up whining.

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  1. Gail Says:

    Well I’m moved out of my house and everything is in storage. I won’t move into my condo til next month. At the moment I’m house sitting. Hopefully all the remodel will be done by the time this house-sitting gig is done.

  2. deb Says:

    Oh, good grief, go ahead and blog and whine your heart out. You’ll feel better as you don’t have someone to whine to other than us who read your blog and we will understand.

    Poor M. That does look like a pretty bad bruise on her cheek. Of course, she will have many more before she’s an adult. Hopefully none worse than this. So you learned to watch her more carefully and with luck she learned a bit about stairs.

  3. cuz Sara Says:

    Whine away, dear cuz. Life sure as hell ain’t fair…..so I totally sympathize.
    Luv ya!!!! even though we are on ’separate sides’ of this health care decision—-> no surprise there! ;-)

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